The Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies (CMCS) in Oxford, UK, is an independent Christian-based academic centre where Christians and Muslims come together to learn from and about one another, and our respective faiths, in the context of living relationships.  The Centre was established in 2008.

Windows on the Text: Bible commentaries from Muslim contexts


In partnership with Langham Trust, SAT is commissioning and publishing a series of commentaries on Biblical texts which are specifically written for readers living in Muslim contexts in different parts of the world, often by authors who also live in those contexts.

Centres for the Study of Islam and Christianity International

With partner organisations, SAT is currently supporting the establishment of a family of Christian-based academic centres across the world with a commitment to training Christian leaders and bringing Muslim and Christian students and scholars together, recognising that the settings for that shared study will need to vary according to context. These centres will:

  • Often have relationships/links to a university

  • Be a resource to other organisations, by teaching the teachers, including those educating disciples of Jesus from a Muslim background